Ian (piyaneeiyan) wrote in anelectricmoon,

II. City

I'm sitting in my room right now, looking out over the city -- my room's way up high at the top of our house, so it's real nice when I can look down from it. Real pretty.

Sili's always been a pretty city, even if it isn't the happiest place in the world to live. It's not as bad as Toria likes to describe it, though -- if I asked her right now, she'd mumble something vaguely obscene about fucked up angels and hollow idiots ... which is why I'm not asking her right now.

Toria's only seventeen, but she likes to act so much older sometimes ...

I guess we all do that, though, so I'm not really being fair. I mean, I'm sixteen, but I can pass for eighteen a lot of days. We're all teenagers, but people're always asking us how old we are. Real confusing.

So yeah, the Trikes wanted me to write this.
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