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once upon an electric moon

happily ever after failed

Electric Moon
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So you want to know the truth, you say. About them. About us. About Reed and Karyn and Stuart and Toria and Jordan -- about what we did and what they say we did and why we did it and how it happened and all that jazz --

So you've seen the TV broadcasts. So you've seen our faces emblazoned across a hundred thousand newspaper fronts. You've traced our outlines, the paper cutouts that the media's turned us into, and you've tried to read the look in our eyes. And so you think that entitles you to understand us.

You can't.

Even now, sitting here across from me, your eyes on mine as you tell me that you understand how it could have happened, you don't understand. You never will.

This is how it was.

My best friend shot a boy.

And then we ran.

This is a LiveJournal that exists solely for piyaneeiyan to keep track of her frequent ramblings and copious reams of notes in the Electric Moon series of stories.

To be short, Electric Moon is set sometime in the future; it's about a group of children who live their own separate lives in their own different ways. They're not necessarily the happiest of people, nor are they the most blessed ... but they are brilliant. They never had any other choice.

The Timor Mortis series can be found at timor_mortis.