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Open the Cast

Angela -- Eighteen and young. Not particularly interested in the medial/genie conflict, as all she really wants to do is sing, and she has one of the most incredible sopranos for which she earned the nickname "Angel". Quite pretty but extremely naive; ultimately she ends up dying for a cause she never knew existed.

Bryan Cohen -- Stuart's little brother (15), somewhat more self-absorbed than Stuart is. Most of the other genies find him annoying; he has a crush on Toria, who spends a great deal of time trying to shoot him down.

Clarke (James Clarke) -- At sixteen, very much in the shadow of his best friend Reed and his half-sister Toria. Brilliant, smarter even than Reed, but nervous and rather afraid. Something of the hacker boy, and he's lucky he has the girls to watch out for him.

Jordan Avery -- Named for the basketball player, almost every aspect of seventeen year old Jordan's life reflects his father's devotion to sports. Like Reed, Jordan's entire life is built around an idea of insecurity - he feels like he has to live and excel for his father, especially since his mother died when he was fourteen. Personality-wise, many people find Jordan a bit tiring. He debates a lot; he has very strong views on what is right and what is not, which usually leads him to clash with Reed and Toria. Unlike those two, Jordan believes that there is no difference between the genetically enhanced and the normals, and the conflict will be able to be overcome in time.

Karyn -- Seventeen. Brown hair in curls, incredibly and startlingly charismatic. Really, she's the one who holds the rest of the group together -- she's the actress and writer, but she's also horribly naive. Not as bad as Angel, much to Toria's relief, but bad enough. As almost all the artist/writer genies are, extremely sensitive.

Reed (Marilyn Ellen Reid-Jacobs) -- Seventeen year old girl; all golden eyes and strikingly beautiful face. Intellectually brilliant, but terribly angry at the world for various reasons of her own. Estranged from her parents, bitter about the medials, and is ultimately the one who takes up the gun to kill Jacob.

Stuart Cohen -- Karyn's boyfriend. Seventeen, blonde and green-eyed and not very intelligent; many of the genies view him as shallow. He's not insincere, though, just ... not particularly intelligent. Genemod for appearance, he has acting aspirations, but has a bubbly personality that would be considered preppy if he were a girl, and manages to drive almost everyone crazy except for Karyn herself. To sum up the group attitude on Stuart . . . Karyn adores him, Jordan finds him immature, Clarke ignores him, Reed mocks him, and Toria can't stand him.

Toria (Victoria Clarke) -- Half-sister to Clarke, not quite as genemod as the others are. Like Reed, extremely angry about what she is, yet unable to do anything about it. Because she's the oldest at eighteen, she tends to watch over the rest of the group and make sure they stay out of trouble, but she can also be completely unyielding at times. Shoulder length red-brown hair, bright green eyes.

Lisa (Elisabeth)
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